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I am a MyDirtyHobby amateur and love it :-)

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Hey, I am Leah Obscure an open minded, alternative, fetish- and metal babe from Germany. If you want to know more about me, write me or take a look on my website! :) Cheers, Leah


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Fierce Inferno

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cuando podre tener alguien que sea tan caliente como yo...


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Samylynn and Cassiekass mostly. That's Samantha and Cassidy. All the pics and vids, are not just me. Some friends that are girls and guys and girlfriends,boyfriends, sister brother....ect. ( I will add more to this later. Samylynn and Cassiekass will use the same contact information. We share a lot of things so. Let us know which. When you're want to. We wanna do furry in for furry conventions. Can you help us with that?

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